Haulotte Group

Our main AWP supplier it is Haulotte Group

1881 - 2018

The year 1881 is the “zero moment” of the future group Haulotte, when Benoit Alexandre Pinguely sets up a company in the region of Rhône Alpes that intended to produce in 1889 the first steam locomotive. At the beginning of 1924 the Arthur Haulotte Construction Workshops are created in the same region, which, starting with 1924 launched in production their first crawler excavators operated with steam, and later, in 1930, produced their first crane.

Haulotte Group History

While the Arthur Haulotte Workshops pass to the production of derrick and mobile cranes, the Alexandre Pinguely company that manufactures steam cranes ever  since 1911, gets seriously involved in the design and production of crawler excavators for stone quarries, developing later also the first compact tire equipment in Europe.

It is to be noticed the technological closeness between the two largest French manufacturers, real pioneers in the field of construction machinery, whereas Pinguely launches in 1964 a crane on tires with eight speeds, this being first of this kind in the world, competing directly with the lifting machines manufactured by Haulotte.

The response of the Haulotte manufacturer does not delay, the company announcing two years later the model GB18, the first crane of the type “City-crane” in the world, with a travel speed similar to that of road vehicles, very simple to stall and equipped with a self-lifting cabin. The year 1979 marks the closeness of the two engineering companies, Pinguely and Haulotte, working together within a joint project for the manufacture of the crane model TTR220.

In the early 1980s, both companies are taken over by the Creusot-Loire company, which unfortunately becomes bankrupt in 1984, at which time the future of the two companies becomes very uncertain. In 1985, they are purchased by a French entrepreneur, Pierre Saubot, who has subsequently seen the development of a new market for aerial working platforms.

In the middle of the 1990’s, Haulotte becomes a market leader in Europe as regards the production of lifting equipment. In 1995, the two companies merge and decide to continue their activity in the field of air platforms, under the name of Pinguely-Haulotte, activity which includes design and research, for the manufacture of lifting equipment.

In 1999, the company Pinguely-Haulotte reaches a production of 3,000 lifting equipment per year. With the inauguration, in 2000, of the new factory in Reims – France, the production reaches 6,000 units per year. In the same year the company conducts negotiations for taking over the operations in Europe of the group American Terex, and this would have meant, also, the taking over the factories held by this producer in Ireland and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the negotiations did not have a favorable result, the acquisition not being completed. However, by the end of 2001, the production of lifting equipment increases to over 10,000 units per year, while sales reach the amount of 246 million euros.

At a global level, the expansion of the company Pinguely-Haulotte continues in Brazil, Singapore and the USA and in the middle of 2002, becomes the third largest manufacturer of aerial industrial platforms around the world, with a global market share of 17 %, position which it also holds today, with a turnover of over half a billion euros, being present on 6 continents, in 28 countries and, since 2005 this company becomes known under the name of Haulotte Group, at which time, after 137 years of progress and innovation, the name Pinguely goes into history.

At present, our company – Access Machine & Spare Parts promotes and sells successfully on the Romanian market a number of 45 models of the latest generation of equipment of this international leading manufacturer.

The Future is Here

The presence of the French group at the international fair from Paris – INTERMAT 2018, stands under the sign of the 33 years of innovation in the field of lifting equipment and promotes at this event the motto: “Let’s imagine the future”. On the occasion of this exhibition, Haulotte is the first company in the field of lifting equipment which shows in a world premiere 3 concept models.

The principle governing the activity of the French company is: “innovation before all”. The research and investment in the development of industrial activity contributes to a significant extent in maintaining the position of Haulotte Group as the European leader in the field of lifting equipment.

Knowing clients’ needs and the ability to predict the new trends in the market are also the basic directions covered by this producer.
Their ambition to be the best in this area is supported by appropriate means both from a technical, intellectual and financial point of view.

In order to create the revolutionary prototypes in this field and to intensify the application of the solutions which have already proved to be successful, Haulotte Group invests each year more than 3 % of its profit in the activity of research and development.