Services in the field of lifting equipment

This site is addressed exclusively to the lifting equipment users in Romania, regardless of the fact that they intend to rent, repair, or buy new Haulotte equipment.

Sales of new equipment

As long as for Access Machines & Spare Parts, the sale of a piece of equipment is not limited only to its delivery to a beneficiary, but to the entire package of benefits offered after its purchase, we believe that the sales represent the top services that we provide to our customers. The sales policy of our company is as simplest as possible and takes into account the three mandatory elements in any honest commercial relationship that we have with all our customers.

First of all, we provide to our clients only top products of the most important manufacturer of lifting equipment in Europe, more precisely – Haulotte Group.

Secondly, due to a constant and long collaboration with this leading manufacturer in Europe, we are able to provide to our customers a very fast delivery for any model of Haulotte lifting equipment, and at the same time, we guarantee the best prices in Romania, irrespective of the product chosen. And, through this great advantage, we have permanently consolidated our position in the market.

Thirdly, due to the excellent relationship that we have developed for over 12 years with the Haulotte Group, our company provides to all its clients 24 months of full guarantee for each new piece of equipment, purchased by them.

We rely on the fact that our portfolio of clients is basically our business card, and for this reason Access Machines & Spare Parts has succeeded for all these years to constantly extend its collaboration with both old clients as well as with the most recent clients, demanding respect every time through a guaranteed quality standard.

Consequently, due to the excellent price- quality ratio and due to the whole package of services offered to our clients at the sale of Haulotte equipment, the sales offer of the company Access Machines & Spare Parts is probably the most advantageous for you.

Rentals of lifting equipment

Even if at present we don’t have the largest fleet in the country, counting a little more than one hundred pieces of equipment, we managed to firmly impose ourselves on the Romanian market through the quality of our services.

Another very important aspect as regards our rentals at national level is represent by the partnerships concluded with 23 local companies in Romania specialized in electronics, hydraulics and heat engines.

The abovementioned partners are very useful for, solving rapidly any technical problem arising in the operation of the equipment, practically in any region of the country and we succeed that by the proximity policy on which we agreed with them.

Consequently, due to the readiness, the permanent technical support throughout the contracts carried out and especially to the very favorable rental prices – that exclude from the start the overcharge costs at over-time operation, we probably have, at present, the best offer on this segment of services in the field of lifting equipment…

Due to the fact that our fleet is made up exclusively of Haulotte equipment, this being rated at a maximum level of performance, we certainly put at your disposal for rental the best platforms in Europe.

Maintenance and repairs of lifting equipment

Access Machines & Spare Parts has succeeded in recent years to bring within the technical department the best engineers in this field, people trained periodically within the Haulotte training centers.

Due to this experience in this field, we have the opportunity to quickly identify the cause of any problem occurring at any Haulotte lifting equipment and thus to get back on track and running properly any equipment operated by our clients… in only a few hours.

Our specialists offer each time a modern and safe solution for any client in the field of lifting equipment, with an approach to a high degree of flexibility and capacity to adapt to the more and more rigorous requirements of the market.

Even if the majority of the usual spare parts already exist in our stock in Romania, when restoring the equipment to their normal parameters we get also a huge help thanks to the direct relationship that we have with Haulotte Group.

This important factor makes the difference, by the fact that some atypical parts necessary to remedy a major fault are delivered to us by Haulotte in less than 48 hours, directly from their central warehouse from Lyon.

The complexity and the multitude of service and repair works that we have encountered over the years give us reasons to say that we offer, guaranteed, the best technical support for the equipment purchased or rented from our company.