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Heavy-load Telehandler

The range of heavy-load telehandlers from Haulotte is very strong and robust, being built on a single chassis highly resistant to heavy operating conditions. This equipment offers a great lifting capacity between 4.0 and 7.2 tons and a maximum lifting height between 6.00 and 17.00 meters. Also, the frontal stabilization system improves the safety in the use of the equipment at maximum height and full load. The characteristics of these heavy-load telehandlers include proportional control of all movements, hydrostatic steering and their ability to travel on rough ground, fact that gives them an extremely accurate flexibility and maneuverability. This excellent maneuverability is given also by the small turning radius – 4.5 meters. Three steering options 2WD, 4WD as well as the travel in crab position provide also for this type of equipment a greater flexibility in movements for the operator using them. With a wide range of available accessories, the heavy-load telehandlers from Haulotte are ideal for applications requiring the lifting of very large loads.


Maximum working height

Maximum lift capacity

Platform height




HTL 4010

10,00 m

4.000 kg

2,42 m

4,96 m

2,26 m

8.740 kg

HTL 4014

13,60 m

4.000 kg

2,60 m

6,46 m

2,43 m

10.710 kg

HTL 4017

16,70 m

4.000 kg

2,60 m

6,65 m

2,43 m

12.000 kg

HTL 5210

10,00 m

5.200 kg

2,60 m

6,28 m

2,43 m

10.810 kg

HTL 6508

7,70 m

6.500 kg

2,50 m

5,05 m

2,39 m

11.260 kg

HTL 7210

9,50 m

7.200 kg

2,49 m

5,91 m

2,38 m

12.200 kg