Recent projects in Romania

In addition to the over fifty projects of industrial rentals, only during the last six months, AMSP successfully completes twenty-eight contracts of sale with companies having a good position on the Romanian market such as: Philip Morris, Draxlmaier, Transavia, Mega Image, Textile Medicale within the group Thuasne, Galeria Mall Galati within the group NEPI, Feroneria Arad within the group ISEO, DHS bikes factory in Deva, or Pufuleti Gusto factory in Prahova.

Of all these projects completed last year, it is very difficult to choose the most distinguished, whereas each of our clients is really remarkable… however, we decided to stop only on some of the most recent of our projects, which, with plenty of appreciation for all of our other clients, we present  below in a completely new TOP 3.

They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so that for each of the three projects presented here, we have selected at least ten pictures in order to illustrate as wider as possible the reputation of each client presented in this top.


The National Salt Company in Romania

We chose this project as being the most representative not only due to the fact that our equipment sold to the salt mines would be used in very difficult operating conditions, but especially because the company SALROM has chosen us to become its supplier of Haulotte lifting equipment for this year, even if they have in operation eight other pieces of equipment from the same manufacturer, in perfect working order, at four underground workings in Romania… ever since 2002.

In all these 16 years, all equipment from Haulotte proved, in addition to the reliability and ease of handling, an increased productivity – due to technical support granted on a permanent basis by the specialists included now in our group.


The oldest combat aircraft manufacturer in Romania

The following project that we chose in chronological order, is the one intended for the fit out of the aircraft plant in Craiova with a new Haulotte equipment in order to implement this year the program for the improvement of the medium-class combat aircrafts, model IAR 99 “Soim”.

For all we know from the beneficiary, the purpose of these improvements is the adaptation of the cockpit in the aircraft IAR 99 to the latest requirements of the Ministry of Defense, in order to train on these aircrafts a new generation of fighter pilots within the Air Force. These fighter pilots will fly on the F16 aircrafts recently acquired by the Romanian Army according to the NATO program.


The most modern factory in the park Tetrarom 2 – Cluj Napoca

The third project in chronological order is the delivery to the Bosch plants of a cutting-edge Haulotte electric platform. The reasons why we chose this last project as  being representative in our top, are linked both to the reputation of our customer at international level, and to the fact that this is one of the most modern BOSCH production units in Europe.

Another reason for which we stopped on this project, is the fact that we were elected by this renowned manufacturer of electronic components at world level, from a number of seven tenderers, due to the performance of the equipment H12CJ+ proposed by us and to the short term of delivery.